Ecko Features

Longer posts

Posts, or toots, are limited to 500 characters by default but in Ecko this limit can be easily modified in the Administration settings.

Markdown support

Built-in Markdown support, using a safe Redcarpet library for Markdown processing.

More poll choices

Polls are limited to 4 options by default but in Ecko more poll options can be allowed via Administration settings.

Local-only posts

Ecko enables users to limit toots to be local-only. This can create a more intimate feel for a community. This facilitates community-only events with high volume discussion that might otherwise inundate followers outside the instance.

Easy favicon upload

Administrators can upload a favicon from the Administration settings.

Highlights undescribed media

For accessibility, images should be acommpanied by descriptive alt text. Ecko includes two themes that highlight media without this metadata, thereby helping users be more inclusive citizens of the network.

Blocklist import/export

Blocklists are used to protect users from harassment and abuse. Administrators can import and export CSV blocklists from Federation settings.

Yunohost support

Yunohost is the easiest way to self-host many free and open source web applications. Ecko is available in the YunoHost application library.

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