Creating magic through evolution of the Fediverse

We want to see decentralized social media flourish. For that to happen, we need more people to get involved in improving what we’re already using and to start new projects as well. Magic Stone is applying a novel development model so that everyone can contribute their strengths to grow software along with the community.

For more on the project and its goals, see the FAQ

How can I help?

Everyone Instance Administrators Contributors
Try our live apps Ecko and
Install your own from GitHub: Ecko
Introduce yourself in our chat or discussion forum or help out with an issue in any repo

Other things to know

This project started in August 2021 so everything is very new. There are just a few of us involved so stay tuned and get in touch if you like early-stage projects.

Our critical need for bootstrapping is for maintainers who can check in on pull requests a few times a week. If you’re interested, ping David Sterry ( or

For more info, see our FAQ and Contributing

Chat and Discussion