Hello, there. I am but a wanderer. I travel from village to village with a pot and this magic stone. (holds up a rock) When I arrive at even the poorest of hamlets I start my pot aboil, this stone its only ingredient. It’s not long before another arrives to ask about my pot of boiling water. “You mean my magic stone soup! It would be better with a bit of cabbage,” I say. “Oh, I don’t have any of that but we do have some carrots,” they say. Before long, the whole village is enjoying a stew of vegetables and mushrooms and tofu. My life is a metaphor. I’m told Magic Stone is doing the same but with software. It would be much better with an Issue. Perhaps you can spare a Pull Request?

And now a message from our sponsor:

Social networks should not create conflict and isolation in the pursuit of profits. My ideal social network supports communication, health, joy and kindness. It is a place that makes my life richer, more interesting and fun because of the people I get to know. This disconnect between reality and ideal is why I am working on the open source fediverse. I can’t pinpoint what a good social network is but I am excited by the unknown and the quest for that better experience. Magic Stone is an idea, a space, and a collection of projects to help build social networking for humans.

– David Sterry

Mission: Social networking for humans

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Help Wanted

Everyone Instance Administrators Contributors
Try Ecko @ c4.social and
Acropolis @ dogieda.org
Install Ecko and
Hang out (see Chat
and Discussion below)

Other things to know

This project started in August 2021 so everything is very new.

There are just a few of us involved so stay tuned and get in touch if you like early-stage projects.

New to open source software? 1:1 mentoring available.

Chat and Discussion

If there’s another place you prefer to connect, please let us know and we’ll set it up.